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Night nurse of Huguette Clark disputes estate distribution

In the past year, the estate of Huguette Clark has been settled, or so her family thought. The copper heiress had an estate worth approximately $300 million according to reports. When she died in 2011, she reportedly had a will, and had no children.

The nurse that took care of her every night for the last 20 years had received a salary of $130,000 per year and also more than $1 million in gifts. According to a report, the woman is now disputing the heiress' will, saying Clark promised her she'd be provided for in the heiress' will. She has sued the estate in an attempt to get a larger part of the estate, but attorneys for the estate are countersuing.

This type of situation is not uncommon. Sometimes people feel that they should have been included in a will or estate plan. Other times, families might insist that what was in the will was indeed what the person wanted.

The date that the will was put together can sometimes have a great influence on whether it is completely valid or not. It is important that people review their estate plan often and make any revisions or updates if necessary. It might have helped in a case like this if the person was able to update their will to include another person, especially if that person was not a family member. It can be difficult for a non-family caregiver to prove that a person meant to include them in their estate plan.

Source: ABA Journal, “Night nurse for reclusive heiress seeks pieces of $300 million estate,” Mark Hansen, Jan. 10, 2014

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