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Collaborative divorce for education professionals

If you are a college professor in Texas facing the prospect of divorce, there are a myriad of unique challenges and special considerations ahead. The end of a marriage is a difficult process for anyone, but for those employed in higher education, it is particularly important to be prudent regarding financial interests and retirement goals. For these reasons and more, collaborative divorce is a beneficial choice.

Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to divorce, but it offers certain benefits to those who wish to avoid a contentious court battle. Rather than through litigation, disputes are resolved through discussions and negotiations among the attorneys and their clients.

What issues are resolved through the collaborative process?

In a collaborative divorce, couples can resolve any issues or concerns relating to the following:

  • Child custody
  • Financial support
  • Visitation rights
  • Property division

As a college professor, you know that your career, reputation and long-term financial stability could be at stake in a divorce. The collaborative process allows you to seek positive, uniquely tailored solutions for the following matters:

  • Equitable and proper division of shared retirement accounts
  • Spousal support
  • Tax burden if retaining or receiving certain assets
  • Profit and recognition from jointly published scholarly articles or educational materials
  • Distribution of teaching materials, books and other resources
  • Concerns of privacy and protection of reputation as an education professional

While there are many benefits to a non-adversarial approach to divorce, this option may not be the best for you. Should this process fail to meet your needs or expectations, you retain the right to begin again with a traditional divorce, though you will likely need to find new counsel to represent you.

Unique solutions for those with unique needs

Every divorce is different, and you need an experienced legal ally who will provide honest counsel and helpful guidance regarding the most appropriate divorce strategy for you and your family. As a Texas education professional, there is much more than the family home and alimony at stake.

Collaborative law can provide you the opportunity to tailor a divorce order that suits your unique needs and concerns as a teacher, administrator or professor. You do not have to navigate a costly and stressful court battle in order to secure a strong post-divorce future. Protect your rights and learn more about all of the legal options available to you with the help of an experienced lawyer.

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