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In divorce mediation, skill, experience and the spirit of cooperation matter

While many people associate the divorce process with prolonged, costly and wholly exhausting litigation, this is by no means the norm. Indeed, the last several decades have seen an increasing number of divorcing couples -- whether through a mutual agreement or through a court order -- pursue various alternative dispute resolution techniques.

For example, many spouses attempt to resolve issues in their divorce via a process known as mediation. For the uninitiated, this means that the two spouses and their attorneys sit down with a specially trained and neutral third party -- the mediator -- to try to come to an agreement concerning everything from alimony and child support to child custody and property division.      

While a person who is poised to participate in divorce mediation might think that virtually any attorney is more than able to protect their interests and otherwise successfully navigate the mediation process provided they have a family law background, this is really only part of the equation.

The reality is that divorce mediation is an incredibly intricate process requiring not only experience and skill, but also an inordinate amount of patience and a willingness to cooperate. Accordingly, a family law attorney with a background in divorce litigation and a reputation for being hard-nosed may not be the best option for this non-combative and wholly collaborative environment.

Our founding attorney Randy Michel not only has extensive experience representing clients in this unique area of family law, but he has also undergone extensive collaborative law training and served as a mediator for other divorcing couples.

This specialized background, coupled with his seven years on the bench, means he brings a keen eye, specialized insight and comprehensive skill to all aspects of the divorce mediation process.

To learn more about his background and our firm's approach to divorce mediation, please visit our website

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