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Should I consider collaborative divorce?

When people think about getting divorced, they often imagine going through a drawn-out legal battle that increases their costs and stress levels. The prospect of divorce can especially be intimidating for those with a large number of assets or high-value assets in Texas. However, a new trend in the area of family law that is designed to make the divorce process more amicable is the collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is an approach to divorce that is used outside of court to help two individuals to work toward a solution with their attorneys in a setting that is results focused and positive. This alternative to litigation offers multiple advantages.

What exactly is the collaborative law approach?

In a collaborative divorce, all of the parties involved first sign an agreement, which has to be honored during the legal proceedings. In this agreement, the two spouses agree to negotiate a resolution in a fair manner and in good faith. They also agree to disclose every document and piece of information that are relevant to their situation.

Next, the two spouses can start to work toward solutions in areas such as visitation rights, property distribution, alimony and child support. They get together in a neutral setting to take part in an open and positive discussion with the goal of attaining a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Why can the collaborative law approach be better than going to court?

A huge benefit of the collaborative law approach is that it can save you energy, time and money compared to divorce litigation. With this approach, all your agreements and discussions remain confidential as well.

In addition, the collaborative law approach yields a personalized agreement, whereas the decisions a judge makes during traditional family law litigation may not be personally favorable to you or your future ex. You essentially have much more control over the outcome and can pursue creative solutions to your more challenging family law issues. As a result, this process may lead to less strain on the divorcing individuals' family relationships.

A knowledge attorney in Texas can assess your situation and determine if employing the collaborative law approach is appropriate for you and your spouse. If so, the attorney will guide you through the collaborative divorce process and help you to fight for your best interests while striving for an agreeable end result with your soon-to-be-ex.

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