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Potential pitfalls when pursuing divorce

For many Texas residents, the fact that the holiday season is over is quite a relief. For people whose marriages are on the rocks, putting on a show for friends and relatives that make everything seem happy and wonderful when it is anything but can be exhausting. While the focus for a while can be on getting through the holidays without upsetting the apple cart for others, January often becomes the time when people decide to pursue divorce.

A marriage can fail for many reasons and some of these may even be unavoidable. However, a divorce is something that should never be rushed into. The repercussions of a divorce can extend a long way and cost people a lot both financially and emotionally. For this reason, people should not make the choice to get divorced without really thinking it through.

One example of why it can be important to move carefully when contemplating divorce is the need to protect things like health insurance coverage. A stay-at-home parent with three children cannot afford to let that insurance coverage go. Also important is knowing the ins and outs of a marital financial picture including the names of all financial institutions that a couple may have loans or investments with to help seek out potential hidden assets.

Texans who are looking at the end of their marriages may find it useful to talk with an attorney to learn about some of the things they should consider before finalizing their choice.

Source: Market Watch, "Avoid these common mistakes if you're filing for divorce in January," Quentin Fottrell, Dec. 31, 2016

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