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When does a prenup matter?

As part of a dating or engaged couple in Texas, when you look ahead to your future with your partner, it is important that finances be part of the picture. Certainly there are a lot of things that go into making a marriage work but the fact of the matter is that marriage is akin to a business partnership in many ways and the financial intermingling that happens cannot be avoided. Too many otherwise good relationships have been undermined by financial incompatibility or problems.

How can you avoid this? Forbes recommends that opening dialogue about a prenuptial agreement may be an ideal thing to do. Instead of focusing on talks of potential divorce, which are part of the picture with a prenup, the value of these conversations can be far greater. You and your partner can use this as a reason to talk about everyday financial matters like who will pay the bills, how will you jointly manage your money and will you blend all of your assets or only some of them?

Getting these things squared away before you walk down the aisle can go a long way toward setting up a positive working relationship when it comes to finances. If either of you are involved in a business, have received or will receive substantial inheritances or have children from prior marriages, a prenup can be the perfect vehicle via which to set up protections for all involved.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Texas residents an overview of the various scenarios in which a prenuptial agreement may benefit them.

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