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Guidelines for choosing a child guardian

Texas parents who are putting together their estate plans while their kids are still minors must wrestle with the often difficult choice of who will raise their children should the parents die while the kids are still at home. Many things contribute to making this a hard decision but that should not stop people from identifying this lest they leave it up to the courts, as Parenting magazine explains.

Before thinking about who could serve as a guardian, parents might find it useful to start by making a list of the qualities important to them in a potential guardian. This might include practical matters like everyday lifestyles as well as morals, values and religious beliefs and practices. All of these things would no doubt have a significant impact on the children and should be primary considerations.

The Balance adds that factoring in where a potential guardian lives relative to the family is also important because it is more common for a child to have to move than it is for a guardian to move where the child is. This would result in one more major change for the child potentially if the guardian lived in a very different part of the country or even in another country.

When it comes to familial relationships, less concern should be given to the feelings of grandparents, aunts and uncles and more concern to the future welfare of the children. In some cases, it is not a family member who may be the best guardian. Age and health may also take some people out of the running as can financial mismanagement.


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