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Is it too late to mediate?

Divorces can get messy, and as a couple splitting up in College Station, you may wonder if you have passed the point of being able to mediate your divorce instead of taking it directly to court. While mediation is certainly not always a viable option, it may be more feasible than you think.

Huffpost writes about eight divorce mediation myths, busting long-standing misconceptions like the notion that legal professionals object to it or that you may have to "settle for less" if you choose mediation over a court battle. In reality, it has been shown that the property and asset division is pretty much equal whether or not you go to court or mediate. Likewise, you may believe that there's no way you can deal with a child custody battle through mediation, but it was actually shown that children with divorced parents who chose mediation don't have as many relationship struggles with said parents.

Asset division is also still handled by experts even in mediation, so you don't have to worry about someone flubbing and making mistakes with your hard-earned savings and income. Mediators work with tax attorneys, real estate appraisers, and much more to ensure that everything is proceeding as fairly and accurately as possible. 

As for myths about mediators themselves, the biggest one is that mediators are trying to patch up broken or failing marriage relationships and may be meddling in affairs that aren't their own. Good mediators take their job seriously, though - and their only job is to mediate your divorce itself, ensuring fairness on both sides.

Mediation isn't for everyone, nor is it suitable for every situation. However, if you are considering it as an option in the first place, you might find that it suits what you're after much better than a traditional divorce.

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