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Divorce impacts: Has a secretive spouse hidden assets?

During the course of your divorce, you may have to come to terms with a multitude of factors that you had not thought about previously. Your soon-to-be ex-spouse may show sides to him or herself that you have never seen, and unseemly behavior may throw you for a loop. Because you do not want to get taken advantage of during divorce proceedings, you may wish to prepare for possible scenarios that could affect your case.

Property division can often cause the worst sides of many individuals to come out as they attempt to maintain ownership of certain property or hope to cheat the other spouse out of certain assets for spite. If you have concerns regarding the latter situation, information on discovering hidden assets may prove useful to you.

Is your spouse hiding assets?

Even though it may prove difficult to tell immediately whether your spouse has attempted to hide assets, research shows that this type of situation occurs commonly. Reportedly, a spouse participates in hiding funds in two out of three marriages. In all likelihood, your spouse could potentially have hidden away funds without your awareness. Luckily, you can take steps toward discovering whether such funds exist.

How do you uncover funds?

You could utilize a variety of options when looking for hidden assets. Because many people conduct their financial affairs online, individuals can often find an electronic trail that points to suspicious activity, if such activity exists. Email, browser history and online bank records could reveal if your spouse has accounts that you did not know about. Social media and business networking sites could also give away useful information as some people mistakenly think they can keep online information hidden from their spouses.

Of course, paper trails can also work in a similar fashion. Tax returns can reveal if a spouse has reported more income than you knew existed or if he or she completed a transaction, such as buying or selling property that resulted in additional income discrepancies.

Can you seek help?

Because uncovering hidden assets on your own can prove challenging, you may wonder what options you have for gaining help. A number of professionals could help you explore various means for uncovering funds and other assets. An experienced Texas attorney could prove especially useful as he or she could help discover assets and ensure that you get your fair share when it comes to property division proceedings.

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