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Tips for parents getting divorced

It is natural for parents to want to protect their children and help them feel happy but this is not always possible. Texas parents who get divorced know this all too well. From the moment that the decision to end a marriage is made, moms and dads need to help their children navigate the changes in their lives and support their emotional health along the way.

Psychology Today suggests that this starts in large part by how kids are told about a parental divorce. One of the biggest things parents should do is to stick to the facts but not the facts about why the spouses are getting divorced. Instead, focus on the concrete things that will change in a child's life like where they will live or when they will see each parent. Details like who will take the kids to school and who will pick them up can be included. This will help them develop a sense of security as they can get a sense of what their days will look and feel like.

In doing this, is is important for parents to avoid blaming each other for the divorce but instead simply say that together they believe this is better for everyone. At the same time, consciously reassuing children that they are not responsible for the divorce is essential.

When it comes to reassuring kids, Parents magazine reminds spouses that children may need extra reassurance of the love from both parents, especially if they do not see one parent as much as the other.



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