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Can a divorce be healthy?

If you are considering ending your marriage or maybe are already in the process of a divorce in Texas, you know that this process can be an emotionally charged one. However, it does not have to be done in such a way that wrecks you or your children emotionally. The American Psychological Association indicates that there are steps you can take to help make sure the emotional health and well-being of you and your children is properly addressed even during a divorce.

Do I need a postnup?

Are you one of the many married people in Texas who has heard about postnuptial agreements and wonders what the fuss is all about? If so, you are not alone. While these marital contracts like their counterparts for engaged people, the prenuptial agreements, were once thought to be needed only by the rich and famous, that is far from the truth today. Understanding what a postnup can do for you may well be very important.

Finding support from others during a divorce

When a couple in Texas makes the difficult choice to end their marriage, one thing each person may be interested in and in need of is support from others. While divorce is nothing strange or unfamiliar anymore, it can sometimes feel like nobody else understands or has experienced this event to those who are in the midst of it. However, that is not true and in fact, a list of 15 cities  show which areas in the United States have the highest populations of divorced people.

What to expect with a custody evaluation

One of the most difficult things that parents will have to go through in the midst of a contested child custody action is the investigation of a custody evaluator. This third party, who is appointed by the court, is charged with gathering information, conducting interviews and observations, and making recommendations to the court with regard to legal custody, physical custody and parenting time.

Tips for parents getting divorced

It is natural for parents to want to protect their children and help them feel happy but this is not always possible. Texas parents who get divorced know this all too well. From the moment that the decision to end a marriage is made, moms and dads need to help their children navigate the changes in their lives and support their emotional health along the way.

How can I co-parent during summer vacation?

If you are a divorced parent with minor children still at home, you may not always be so thrilled when summer vacation time rolls around. Not only do you need to figure out how to keep your kids occupied and happy all summer long but you also have to manage this with your former spouse. Sharing time with an ex during summer can be more complicated as schedules tend to be more fluid and less structured, leading to more potential challenges.

Is it too late to mediate?

Divorces can get messy, and as a couple splitting up in College Station, you may wonder if you have passed the point of being able to mediate your divorce instead of taking it directly to court. While mediation is certainly not always a viable option, it may be more feasible than you think.

QDROs and child support

Texas parents who must pay child support after getting divorced often find themselves concerned about how they might be able to afford this additional expense. The shift to living as a single person versus as part of a married couple generally already increases one's living costs and the addition of child support payments can put a serious strain on a monthly budget. The use of money from a 401K account may provide an opportunity to satisfy this debt.

Marriage and divorce trends in Texas

It can be hard to tell from just looking around or even listening to headlines what people in America and in Texas really think about marriage and divorce anymore. It is also difficult at times to know how popular getting married really is and how big of a problem divorce is for society today. If you have been wondering what the trends in how many people are getting married or staying married, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give a clue.

Lawmaker seeks to change divorce laws

Texas residents who get married rarely do so with the thought of getting divorced in mind. However, the reality is that many marriages are not made in heaven for a lifetime and for some people, parting ways is the best thing to do. For many people who get divorced, there is no one event or cause that leads a couple to make this decision. Instead, an incompatibility or differences in goals may be reasons. These divorces are often referred to as no-fault divorces.

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