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Collaboration could lead to better child custody orders

It is natural for Texas parents to feel concerned with how their divorce will affect the well-being of their children. From weekend visitation to summer vacation, there are many things to think about and consider, and parents know that the best interests of their children should be the main priority throughout all of this.

Will divorce affect your teacher's pension?

Teachers who are married are often used to the daily struggle of trying to balance work with their personal relationships at home. Advice columns galore provide suggestions about how to "leave work at work" and give your spouse and children your undivided attention once you exit the classroom. Sometimes, marriage just doesn't work out, and couples choose to divorce rather than continue in a downward spiral.

Should I consider collaborative divorce?

When people think about getting divorced, they often imagine going through a drawn-out legal battle that increases their costs and stress levels. The prospect of divorce can especially be intimidating for those with a large number of assets or high-value assets in Texas. However, a new trend in the area of family law that is designed to make the divorce process more amicable is the collaborative divorce.

Are you at risk of losing retirement funds in divorce?

You may be among the many individuals who are looking forward to retirement and the relaxation it can bring. One or multiple retirement funds may have even been set up to ensure that you have enough funds to carry out your heart's desires in your golden years. However, if a divorce takes place, your retirement funds could end up divided with your ex-spouse.

Collaborative divorce for education professionals

If you are a college professor in Texas facing the prospect of divorce, there are a myriad of unique challenges and special considerations ahead. The end of a marriage is a difficult process for anyone, but for those employed in higher education, it is particularly important to be prudent regarding financial interests and retirement goals. For these reasons and more, collaborative divorce is a beneficial choice.

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