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Are heirs responsible for paying credit card debt?

Creating an estate plan in Texas goes a long way in ensuring that your wishes are followed upon your passing. While you may have assets to leave behind to your heirs, here is a question you should address. What will happen to your credit card debt once you are gone?

Things to know about small estate administration

When a person passes on, his or her estate must be managed and distributed in the appropriate manner. There are many aspects of the estate administration process, starting with the gathering of assets, which leads into paying any debt, and finally the distribution of remaining assets.

The president, trusts, and other estate planning details

When President Obama takes to the stage to give a State of the Union Address, it goes without saying that millions of people tune in to get his thoughts on a variety of topics. While some people agree with what he says, others take issue.

What are common mistakes when naming heirs?

There is a lot that goes into estate planning, with many people forgetting that the process of naming heirs is extremely important. There are not many things more important than knowing that your assets will be handed down to the appropriate person or people upon your passing.

‘Other’ estate planning details to discuss

When it comes to the estate planning process, you must take the time to consider your current situation as well as what will happen to your assets and debts upon your death. Many people get started with estate planning by focusing primarily on creating a will. From there, some consider a trust as well.

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