Child Support Lawyer

When disputes arise over child support payments, it could affect your child's well-being.

A child support attorney can help set up a child support order, enforce the order, and modify the order if circumstances warrant changes.

The College Station, TX, law office of attorney Randy Michel can help address any child support issues you have.

Child Support vs.
Spousal Maintenance


Many people going through a divorce confuse child support and spousal maintenance. Child support is intended for the upbringing of your child. In Texas, spousal maintenance is intended to support an ex-spouse who cannot support themselves, or who suffered domestic violence by their ex-spouse. Spousal support (called alimony outside of Texas) is voluntary support paid by one ex-spouse to the other.

Why You Need a Child Support Lawyer

Disputes Over Child Support Payments

Many disagreements during a divorce involve who will pay child support and the amount that is owed. A child support lawyer can help advocate for your child's best interests while also noting the financial realities at play.

Delinquent Child Support Payments

Late child support payments could make things difficult for your child, or may be due to issues beyond your control. A lawyer at our College Station family law office can help advocate for you and your child.

Modifications to Child Support Amounts

Situations can change after a divorce is completed, which is why parents may need to alter existing child custody or child support arrangements. A lawyer can help you alter your current child support order when changes arise.

Discuss Your Child Support Case With an Attorney Contact the Law Office of Randy Michel

A divorce has many moving parts, from the division of assets to child custody and co-parenting arrangements. When dealing with child support issues, it's important to have a lawyer on your side who understands the Texas Family Code as well as the financial realities of raising a child.

You deserve an attorney who prioritizes your time and your budget, and who can explain what steps you should take next for an efficient case resolution. Randy Michel and his team can help.

The Law Office of Randy Michel has a long history of helping families throughout College Station, TX. We encourage you to contact our practice to set up a legal consultation.

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A Lawyer Who's Looking Out for You

"The entire office was easy to get along with and moved on things promptly. One has an image of lawyers going after every dollar, but Randy would advise on what issues were worth bothering about and what were not. While I am not a lawyer, in the courtroom Randy displayed a knowledge of the law that was clearly superior to that of opposing counsel." Richard Metters
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Modifying Child Support

When financial circumstances change, it can affect one parent's ability to pay child support, or it could reduce or eliminate a parent's need to receive child support. Asking for child support modifications may be necessary, and you should not hesitate to speak with a lawyer about the process of changing your child support order.

During your consultation with Randy Michel, he will explain the issue in greater depth and help you understand all of your legal options. Our College Station, TX, law firm charges reasonable legal fees, and we make sure every client's time is valued.


Common Reasons for Child Support Modification

  • Loss of job
  • Medical condition or emergency
  • Increases or decreases in income
  • Incarceration
  • Changes in a minor's needs
  • Remarriage/new family obligations

Need Legal Advice Regarding Child Support?

Whether you're going through a divorce and are working out child support obligations, or have a child support issue with your former spouse, our College Station, TX, law firm can offer insight on how to proceed. Send the Law Office of Randy Michel a message to speak with a child support attorney.

Arbitration and Mediation for Child Support Disputes

If a disagreement over child support arises, you don't have to go to court to resolve the matter. Mediation or arbitration can help both parents come to an agreement in a neutral setting.

Mediation: Both parties and their attorneys meet to have a civil discussion about their needs and eventually come to an agreement that will be submitted for approval by a judge.

Arbitration: This is a more formal process, but like mediation, it takes place outside a courtroom. Compared to a court hearing, it is less formal. A neutral third party (called an arbitrator, who is often a retired judge) will render a decision based on each party's case. As with mediation, that decision will only become finalized with a judge's approval.

Advantages of both include:

  • Faster resolution
  • Less expensive than court
  • A more relaxed atmosphere

The team at our College Station, TX, law firm can review your case and determine if mediation or arbitration are right for you. Mr. Michel is certified to serve as a mediator or arbitrator. He can also serve as your attorney in either scenario.

Work With an Attorney You Can Count On

"Mr. Michel and his staff were very kind to me and worked hard to accommodate me throughout my divorce. The ladies upfront always had time for me and greeted me with a smile. I highly recommend Mr. Michel he is honest and makes it clear that he is on your side no matter the situation. Blessed to have found this law office." Zoie Cooper
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Law Office of Randy Michel

The Law Office of Randy Michel provides family-oriented legal services to clients in the greater College Station, TX, area. Our attorney, Randy Michel, hold several distinctions and are affiliated with prestigious organizations:

  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Brazos County Bar Association
  • National Association of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Members of the Premier 100 Trial Attorneys 
  • Board-Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
  • Awarded Pro Bono Honors for community involvement
  • Certification as a mediator and arbitrator

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