Child Visitation Lawyer

Child visitation disputes can become overwhelming and frustratingly complex. 

A child visitation lawyer can help protect your family’s interests by establishing visitation rights or modifying existing court orders. 

Since 1980, attorney Randy Michel has helped College Station, TX, parents achieve their desired visitation rights outcomes. 

It Is Critically Important  To Establish Visitation Rights


Speaking to our College Station attorneys is highly advised regardless of the nature of your visitation issue. Establishing a court-ordered visitation schedule is in the best interests of the child, yourself, and in most cases, the other parent as well. Mr. Michel and his team can help provide necessary family structure, accountability for each parent, an avoidance of scheduling issues, and more. 

Key Visitation Definitions

Visitation and custody laws are complex and include critical legal definitions that many parents are unfamiliar with. These are key terms to know:

  • In Texas law, custody of a child is referred to as conservatorship
  • The custodial parent is the parent who has been appointed as a "primary managing conservator." This is the parent who cares for and lives with a minor child all or most of the time. 
  • The non-custodial parent is the parent who has been granted limited legal parenting time or only visitation rights. 
  • A possession order is a court-recognized document outlining each parent's visitation rights. 

When Do Parents Need Help With Visitation?

During a Divorce

Divorces are stressful and inevitably life-changing. Parents often try to minimize further distress by handling key custody and visitation issues on their own. In contentious separations, child custody and visitation battles can become a way for one parent to inflict pain on the other parent. A lawyer can help prevent further problems down the road. 

Modifying an Order

An existing possession order can be modified. In fact, it should be modified if the current document does not achieve what is best for the child. Modifications are often necessary if a parent relocates or experiences major housing or financial changes. When needed, we can also help modify orders for parents who are endangered by the other parent. 

Establishing Paternity

If the parents of a child have never been married, establishing custody and visitation is inherently complex. Texas does not recognize legal fatherhood if parents were unmarried when their child was born. Our child custody lawyers can help to legally establish paternity. This is necessary to resolve visitation, child custody, and other family law issues. 

Mr. Michel and staff

Why College Station Families Choose Mr. Michel

A full 70% of Mr. Michel's cases are in family law. He has spent over 40 years focusing his work in this practice area. During his career, he has implemented a vast array of winning legal strategies tailored to the needs of a wide variety of parents. 

Mr. Michel’s highly varied legal background allows him to understand all sides of family law cases and create optimal legal strategies. He has spent time as a mediator, arbitrator, and Brazos County judge. In these roles, he gained the knowledge necessary to seek peaceful child custody and visitation resolutions without resorting to conflict. 

Mr. Michel is also board certified as a civil trial attorney. Going to trial is sometimes necessary to resolve visitation issues that cannot be taken care of through simpler means.

Our lead lawyer's multi-faceted legal background reassures clients since they know he will explore whichever legal approach is right for them. 

Allow Us to Advocate For You & Your Child

Texas courts are required to take a parent's wishes into account when making child custody and visitation decisions. It is critically important that a parent fighting for visitation rights knows what to ask for and how to persuade the court. 

Over Mr. Michel's more than four decades as a visitation and custody lawyer, he has developed a deep understanding of how to present a comprehensive and compelling visitation rights argument. Call or write to us to request a consultation with our child custody and visitation lawyers. 

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I couldn't be more grateful to Randy Michel and his team... Thank you Randy Michel, Andrea, and the entire team. I will forever be grateful for you all!

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My gratitude towards The Law Office of Randy Michel knows no bounds as Hailey Harrison, Andrea O’Neil, and Hailee Berry provided me with kindness, assistance, and empathy throughout my separation and child custody agreement. Despite the difficulty of the situation, their unwavering support made it more manageable. 

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Texas' Standard Possession Order

Texas visitation law starts with the position that a Standard Possession Order is in the best interests of the child.

A Standard Possession Order grants regulated visitation time. When the non-custodial parent lives within 100 miles of the custodial parent, they are given visitation every other weekend, each Thursday evening, alternating holidays, and for 30 days during summer. 

The Standard Possession Order regulations change if the parents live more than 100 miles from each other. In these situations, the non-custodial parent's visitation may be reduced to just one weekend per month and there is no Thursday evening visitation. Alternating holidays remain the same, and the non-custodial parent is granted 42 days during summer as well as visitation for all spring breaks. 

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Alternate Possession Orders

Modified Possession Order

A Modified Possession Order is any court order that differs from Texas' Standard Possession Order. In many cases, we help parents come to agreements with Modified Possession Orders that suit their schedules and are best for their child. 

In situations where a non-custodial parent has had little or no contact with their child, the court may choose a Modified Possession Order with shorter visits. These visits can become longer over time, with the non-custodial parent eventually being granted a Standard Possession Order. Our attorneys can demonstrate whether or not a Standard Possession Order is in a child's best interests.

Supervised Possession Order

A judge can impose a Supervised Possession Order mandating that a parent's visitation time must be supervised. This route is taken if the judge believes the safety of the child is in question. All visitation rights can be stripped if the judge determines that even a supervised visit could harm the child. 

We are especially sensitive to all allegations of child endangerment and abuse. If you have any concerns regarding potential child abuse, you should reach out to our attorneys immediately. We can explore every legal avenue to protect your child, including drastic modifications to custody and visitation agreements. 

What If Your Child Is Under 3?

Texas' presumption that the Standard Possession Order is ideal does not apply to children under the age of three. If this is your situation, you have several options to explore. 

You may agree with the other parent that it is best to follow the Standard Possession Order. Alternatively, you may seek to create a Modified Possession Order. If you and the other parent cannot come to an agreement, your case will be heard by a judge.

Whatever your circumstances, the Law Office of Randy Michel is here to help. We pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcomes for children in their especially formative years. 

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We were forced to have to retain an attorney in the state of Texas for a custody dispute. Randy and Andrea went above and beyond and we were successful! The issue was not only intrastate BUT also complicated and time sensitive. I would recommend them to anyone!

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 Randy and his staff guided me through the entire process with ease. They were not only kind and compassionate but very helpful and knowledgeable. It was never difficult to schedule a time to meet with Randy or get assistance from one of his paralegals. I am very glad I went with Randy and hope that many others do as well.

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The Law Office of Randy Michel provides family-oriented legal services to clients in the greater College Station, TX, area. Our attorney, Randy Michel, hold several distinctions and are affiliated with prestigious organizations:

  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Brazos County Bar Association
  • National Association of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Members of the Premier 100 Trial Attorneys 
  • Board-Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
  • Awarded Pro Bono Honors for community involvement
  • Certification as a mediator and arbitrator

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