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Our legal team understands the emotional and financial hardships you may be experiencing due to child custody and child support. Many individuals have skewed views on child custody based on other peoples' stories. The Texas Family Code specifically states that gender is not an issue in the decision of child custody. Fathers typically have the same right to custody as mothers. Texas follows "the best interest of the children" standard for divorce and other family law issues.

At the Law Office of Randy Michel, we provide comprehensive child custody and child support representation. We have extensive experience handling complex issues and pursue resolutions short of taking cases to court. Our Bryan-College Station child custody attorneys understand that mediating issues can help you achieve your goals, while maintaining control over the outcome of your case.

Joint Managing Conservatorships

Texas follows the best interest of the children standard when determining conservatorship — the Texas legal term for custody. Typically, both parents are made joint managing conservators to ensure that they can have equal time raising their children. Joint managing conservatorship also gives both parents authority to make major decisions concerning:

  • Schooling
  • Religion
  • Medical treatment

The judge will enable one parent to designate where the children live, or a county, such as Brazos County, and its contiguous counties could be designated as the primary residence of the children. That would mean neither parent could move away from those counties without a court order. We provide comprehensive representation for move away situations, visitation and relocations. We strive to resolve issues without needing intervention from the court.

Child Support 

The legislature and Supreme Court of Texas created a child support chart based on net incomes, the number of children in the household and the number of children the supporter is also covering. We will evaluate your situation from every angle. Our Bryan-College Station child support attorney, Randy Michel, understands the collateral issues, such as health and medical insurance, as well as health care costs. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting clients' rights at every stage of their case.

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We proudly represent military personnel and their families.

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