Establishing a Child
Visitation Schedule

Child visitation is an important part of family dynamics after divorce. To provide structure and ensure your child's best interests are met, both parties will need to agree upon a visitation schedule. It is important that this schedule is formalized and approved by the court, so it can be properly enforced when necessary. Randy Michel is a family law attorney in College Station, TX, who has dedicated his decades-long career to helping families develop agreements that foreground the interests of children involved. Mr. Michel understands that resolving issues can be challenging, which is why it is his goal to guide you through each step of the process, whether it be through mediation or litigation. Contact us today to discuss your case in more detail.

How is Visitation Determined?

Visitation determines the amount of time and the manner in which each parent will spend time with the child. There are various factors that come into play when allotting visitation rights, including:

Age of the Child
This is a primary consideration when planning the duration and frequency of visitation. Typically, an infant or toddler will spend the majority of time with the custodial parent whereas a teenager may benefit from dividing time more equally between parents.
Strength of the Parental Bond
If there is not a strong relationship between one parent and the child, the judge may advocate a phased-in approach. With this arrangement, visitation parameters will evolve over time towards a more typical visitation schedule.
Child’s Commitments & Activities
Many children are involved in sports or other activities that have a set schedule. At times, this may overlap with one parent’s visitation. Typically, the scheduled activity will take precedence within reason.

As with all other matters regarding your children, their best interest will always be the driving force for any decisions made. If there is concern that one parent cannot provide for the child or may present a threat to their safety, visitation may not be granted or may require monitoring.

image of father visiting children
Your visitation schedule will depend upon a number of factors, including the child's age and your relationship with the child.

Complex Agreements

For interstate or international visitation, the court may weigh the home state of the child, the ability of each parent to pay for travel, and each parent’s work schedule when determining visitation. Mr. Michel has successfully helped families establish custom visitation schedules that benefit everyone involved.

Mr. Michel believes that helping families establish a convenient visitation schedule is important to preserving quality of life for all involved. 

Benefits of Having a Visitation Order

Having a visitation schedule that is formalized as a court order is the only way in which it can be legally enforced. An order: 

  • Ensures the child is able to spend time with both parents
  • Provides structure
  • Reduces conflicting scheduling issues
  • Holds each parent accountable

While some parents may have an amicable relationship and come to an agreement on their own regarding visitation, it may be beneficial for both parties to have the order approved by a judge in case one parent violates the terms. Typically, the amount of time spent with each parent will also dictate the amount of child support paid.

Establishing a Visitation Order

Typically, a judge will recommend mediation prior to meeting in court if parents cannot come to an agreement on a visitation schedule. If an agreement is successfully formed in mediation, the judge will review and either approve or make modifications as needed. Once the visitation order has been approved, any modifications must go through the same process.

Serving Families with Integrity

Attorney Randy Michel believes that helping families establish a convenient visitation schedule is important to preserving quality of life for all involved. To schedule your appointment with a family law professional you can trust, contact us online or call us today at (979) 764-2435.

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