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A Guardianship Attorney
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Bryan-College Station Conservatorship Lawyer

Attorney Randy Michel

At the Law Office of Randy Michel, our legal team provides comprehensive guardianship representation. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling the complex issues associated with guardianships, including parental rights and physical and mental incapacitation.

In Texas there are two types of guardianships:

  • Guardianship of an estate. A caregiver has authority to manage an individual's money.
  • Guardianship over a person. A caregiver has authority to care for an individual.

Additionally, incompetent adults and minor children may require one or both forms of guardianship protection based on their unique needs. Our law firm is committed to protecting clients' rights at every stage of their case. Whether you have been appointed a guardian and dispute the judgment or you wish to take a guardianship role, we possess sophisticated experience.

Renowned Guardianship Attorney

Our legal team is directed by College Station guardianship attorney, Randy Michel, who has been practicing law for more than 37 years. His extensive legal background includes seven years as a judge, over 26 years as a Board Certified civil trial attorney, and nearly 23 years as a certified mediator. His unique background enables him to evaluate guardianship situations from every angle to determine the best course of action.

Mr. Michel's experience and guidance is often sought by the court and fellow lawyers. He has been appointed by the courts to represent those who require guardianship protection. Additionally, he represents individuals seeking a guardianship role.

Guardianship for Children

Children may require a guardian to look out for their money and/or upbringing for several reasons. Our law firm has extensive experience and will provide effective guidance for situations where:

  • Both parents are deceased
  • One parent is deceased
  • There is an absentee parent
  • The child suffers from mental or physical incapacitation

Guardianship for Adults

Adults may need guardians to manage their estate and/or person for numerous reasons. Some situations may involve simply a guardianship over the estate if an adult has a health condition that doesn't limit their day-to-day living, but may affect their ability to manage finances. Our law firm has extensive experience handling complex guardianship cases involving:

  • Alzheimer's and similar conditions
  • Intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Down syndrome
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Traumatic brain injuries

We understand the complicated financial and health care issues associated with guardianships for children and adults. We have been appointed counsel for children to protect their rights. We also represent relatives and other third parties that wish to seek guardianship.

Confidential Consultations

We are available to discuss your issue at 979-764-2435 or you may send us an e-mail. We are located off Southwest Parkway between Wendy's and Wells Fargo. Don't trust your GPS — it will point you to a different neighborhood. We are tucked behind the Wells Fargo.

We proudly represent military personnel and their families.


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