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A jury trial should be a last resort after all other means to settle a disagreement have been exhausted. Alternative dispute resolution is increasingly utilized and often ordered by the judge during litigation.

One of the most effective methods for resolving disputes without a costly trial is mediation. Randy Michel is a collaboratively-trained and experienced attorney who understands the important nuances of the opposing attorney and the mediator having often served in both capacities.

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During mediation, Mr. Michel can help you reach an amicable agreement.

Mr. Michel's Qualifications

Mr. Michel also spent seven years as a judge, so he understands and can convey to the mediator, and through him, to the opposing party, the likely courtroom results should the mediation fail.

One of the most effective methods for resolving disputes without a costly trial is mediation.

This experience, knowledge, and attention to detail affords Mr. Michel a position of unusual strength during mediation and often serves to enhance his clients' position.

“Randy Michel along with his staff provided guidance in a manner that was potentially life-changing for me.”

Phillip N.

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Mr. Michel has over 39 years of experience.

Benefits of Mediation

Using mediation can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reducing the time it takes to reach a final resolution
  • Avoiding trial
  • Having a say in the outcome and greater control
  • Higher rate of compliance with the outcome
  • Ability to customize an agreement
  • Personal empowerment
  • Privacy
  • Confidentiality
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"Randy Michel is an honorable guy, who ensures you are well cared for and fully aware of all legal nuances, no matter what."

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