In the right situations, mediation offers a faster, more affordable, and less stressful means of resolving family law issues.

Attorney Randy Michel is a former judge who can represent you in mediation, advocating for your best interests and those of your children.

Reach out to our College Station, Texas, law practice today to find out if this alternative to traditional court hearings is right for you.

Mediation vs. Court Hearings

When two parties can communicate amicably, mediation can help reach the same resolutions as traditional court hearings, but there are a few key differences:

Mediation is confidential.

While court hearings take place in a courtroom open to the public, mediation takes place in a private venue agreed upon by both parties. All communication between the parties, their attorneys, and the mediator remains confidential.

Instead of presenting to a judge, parties communicate through a mediator.

A mediator is a neutral party who is responsible for helping both parties reach an agreement in their dispute. This person maintains communication between both parties as they work toward a resolution.

Mediation doesn't always end in an enforceable agreement.

Unlike court, the conclusion of mediation doesn't always result in a binding decision. The agreement must be approved by a judge before it can be enforced. That means that if both parties cannot reach an agreement, there is still the option to take the case to court and present to a judge.

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I was referred to The Law Office of Randy Michel by a friend and colleague, and I could not be more satisfied with my experience with the whole team. Randy is not only incredibly knowledgeable and professional - he is also kind, supportive, and attentive. He always took the time to answer my questions and was amazing at explaining complicated areas of my case in a way that helped me to feel informed and empowered. I will forever be indebted to Randy and his team for helping me through a difficult situation, and I know that without them, I would not have the resolution I have today.

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My gratitude towards The Law Office of Randy Michel knows no bounds as Hailey Harrison, Andrea O’Neil, and Hailee Berry provided me with kindness, assistance, and empathy throughout my separation and child custody agreement. Despite the difficulty of the situation, their unwavering support made it more manageable. I extend my sincere appreciation to Hailey, the rest of the team, and will always hold a deep sense of gratitude towards them.

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Advantages of Mediation

If you and the other party are able to have an amicable exchange, mediation may offer a wealth of advantages over traditional court hearings, including:

A Faster Path to Resolution

Reaching agreements regarding divorce, child support, and other family law matters can take months in court. But since mediation isn't dependent upon the court's schedule, and the process is based on collaboration, an agreement could be reached in a matter of hours.

A More Economical Process

Less time spent reaching an agreement equates to less money spent on legal fees. You are also more likely to reach a lasting agreement through mediation, which means you could avoid the cost of an appeals process.

Less Stress and Better Ongoing Relations

Court hearings can quickly turn contentious. But in mediation, both parties work together via the neutral mediator. Meanwhile, agreements reached through collaboration are far more likely to be honored in the long run.

Why Hire Randy Michel to Represent You in Mediation?

Randy Michel has served as an attorney, mediator, and judge at different points throughout his career in law. He understands exactly what is at stake for his clients, he knows how to use mediation as a tool to protect your best interests, and he can help communicate to the other party (via the mediator) what is likely to happen in court if an agreement can't be reached in mediation. Clients choose Mr. Michel to represent them in mediation because:

  • There are only 700 board-certified civil trial lawyers in Texas. Randy Michel is one of them.
  • Mr. Michel was appointed by the City Council of College Station, Texas, to serve as an Associate Judge of the Municipal Court for two years. He was later appointed to serve as Presiding Judge of the Municipal Court for the City of College Station, a position he held for seven years.
  • From 1991 to 1998, Mr. Michel was certified as a mediator by the National Mediation Arbitration Services, Inc., and by the American Arbitration Association.

Your case deserves the representation of an attorney who understands every dimension of this process. With the help of our College Station, Texas, family attorney's office, you reach a timely and beneficial agreement that could save you time, money, and stress.

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Karen Strope

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I couldn't be more grateful to Randy Michel and his team for all their help after the unexpected loss of my husband. They were so kind, helpful, understanding, and often going above and beyond for our family while we went through the most painful event of our lives. I will forever be grateful for you all!

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Very helpful ! Thank God for lawyers like them !! Keep up the good work.

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The Mediation Process

Once both parties have agreed upon a mediator to help them resolve their dispute, they can generally expect the mediation process to follow these steps:

Opening Statements

Once the mediator has explained the process to both parties, both sides have the opportunity to make opening remarks to explain their stance on the dispute.

Communication Between Parties

The mediator will guide both parties in a discussion about the dispute to help them understand the other's position and begin to resolve the dispute.


Each party and their attorneys will have their own private meeting (called a caucus) with the mediator to explain their concerns and brainstorm possible solutions or compromises. This relieves the pressure of "thinking out loud" in front of the other party.


The mediator will guide direct negotiations between the parties, reviewing each issue at play in the dispute and helping the two sides to work to resolve the issue.


When both parties arrive at a settlement, the mediator will document the terms. The mediator will then submit the settlement to a judge for approval. Once the agreement is approved, the terms become enforceable under the law.

Mediation FAQ Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Randy Michel believes in helping clients make informed decisions when it comes to resolving their disputes. If you have any questions about mediation, we invite you to request a consultation. Until you are able to meet with Mr. Michel at his College Station, Texas, law office, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions regarding mediation:

When is mediation NOT recommended?

If you and the other party cannot have an amicable exchange, or if there are factors at play such as substance abuse or domestic violence, traditional court hearings are probably a better option.

How much does a mediator cost?

Mediators charge different rates, but in Texas, you can expect to pay about $100 to $300 per hour, depending on the mediator's experience. 

Can a judge order my case to mediation?

Yes—judges in Texas have had the authority to order family law cases to mediation since the 1990s.

Randy Michels is an attorney whose career in law as an attorney, mediator, and judge can help you achieve the outcome you need. Reach out to our College Station practice today to request a consultation.
Randy Michel

Law Office of Randy Michel

The Law Office of Randy Michel provides family-oriented legal services to clients in the greater College Station, TX, area. Our attorney, Randy Michel, hold several distinctions and are affiliated with prestigious organizations:

  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Brazos County Bar Association
  • National Association of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Members of the Premier 100 Trial Attorneys 
  • Board-Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
  • Awarded Pro Bono Honors for community involvement
  • Certification as a mediator and arbitrator

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