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Our Texas legal team understands the serious emotional and financial hardships associated with family law and estate planning issues. Divorce is a very emotional and stressful process for everyone, but especially children. We strive to escort our clients through the process and make it as hassle-free as possible. Knowing the benefits of reaching amicable resolutions to divorce issues, we employ the collaborative law method whenever possible. Additionally, we provide comprehensive estate planning guidance to enable our clients to achieve their short- and long-term goals.

If you need help with a family law, an estate planning or a business law issue, please contact our Texas law office online today. You may also call our firm at 979-764-2435 to learn more about our services.

Bryan Probate and Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of Randy Michel provides comprehensive legal guidance. We understand that divorce and business litigation consume three primary aspects of your life: time, money and emotional energy. The intense emotional hardships associated with lawsuits stay with you all day, every day until the case is resolved. We strive to obtain the best possible outcome with minimum consequences.

Board Certified — Civil Trial Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization and National Board of Trial Advocacy

Our legal team is directed by College Station civil trial attorney Randy Michel, who has more than 37 years of experience. His unique background includes seven years as a judge, over 26 years as a Board Certified civil trial attorney, as well as nearly 23 years experience as a certified mediator. His extensive legal experience from both sides of the aisle enables him to anticipate how opposing counsel and judges may approach your case. He evaluates every aspect of clients' cases to determine the best course of action, whether it is mediation, litigation or trial.

Former Judge — Dedicated Attorney and Mediator

As a skilled certified mediator, Mr. Michel understands the benefits that may be achieved through mediation. Often mediation can resolve disputes with less time and expense than litigation. Additionally, you may have more control over the outcome of your case with a collaborative approach. Once a business litigation, probate or family law matter goes to trial, it is decided by a judge or possibly 12 members on the jury chosen at random from the community.

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Our lawyers understand that many law firms quote low fees to get clients in the door, only to increase the final fee after discussing the case. We provide honest, reasonable and representative quotes. Our estimates are based on our analysis of your situation commensurate with our experience.

We respect your complex legal matter. We respond to clients' e-mails, phone calls and voicemail promptly. You will always receive answers to your questions and guidance for your concerns. We strive to provide the highest level of client service at reasonable rates.

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