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November 2013 Archives

Making an estate plan

Texas individuals who fail to create an estate plan may put their wealth and heirs in jeopardy. The laws of intestacy take over when wills are not in place, so some intended beneficiaries may not receive anything under a particular state's laws. Additionally, the estate may have to pay out money in taxes that otherwise could have gone to beneficiaries if a solid estate plan was in place. While some individuals may avoid creating an estate plan so that they do not have to think about what will happen if they die, drafting a basic will does not have to be a somber process.

When aging parents live far away

With many of our readers travelling long distances to be with family members next week, we find it appropriate to discuss the difficulties that adult children may have with caring for aging parents who live far away. For people in these situations, there may be some substantial difficulties as they may have to leave their jobs at a moment’s notice or make continual trips to be with elderly parents as they decline.

21st century estate planning with digital assets

The question of how to handle digital assets in creating an estate plan is relatively new. But given the widespread use of electronic media and digital storage venues, more people are becoming curious about how to pass on digital assets in the event of a tragic event.

The inheritance mystery debunked

It seems like a tradition between generations: one generation having vastly different values and thinking differently than the previous generation. This axiom can be applied to many differences between baby boomers and their children, including political differences, views on parenting, and work styles. One other difference is worth noting: their views on inheritances.

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