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November 2016 Archives

Pros and cons of collaborative divorce

Texas residents who believe they are headed for divorce should know that there are multiple options from which they can choose on how to best complete their divorces. No two marriages alike and neither are any two divorces so evaluating each couple's needs individually is important. A neighbor or a family member may have been able to use mediation or a collaborative divorce process but that does not mean it is right for someone else.

How a will and a trust might work together

The reasons that people do not establish estate plans can vary dramatically. Some may feel that their estates or needs are too simple to warrant a will or a trust. Others might feel so unsure of where to start that they end up doing nothing. One of the biggest questions many people have trouble answering is whether a will or a trust is best for them. Understanding a bit about each of these tools can be helpful in directing people to start on their estate planning.

Are you at risk of losing retirement funds in divorce?

You may be among the many individuals who are looking forward to retirement and the relaxation it can bring. One or multiple retirement funds may have even been set up to ensure that you have enough funds to carry out your heart's desires in your golden years. However, if a divorce takes place, your retirement funds could end up divided with your ex-spouse.

A member of your family may benefit from guardianship protection

Have you taken all necessary steps to protect your loved ones? In addition to health care, physical safety and other considerations, you must also consider the legal steps necessary to protect their long-term financial well-being. There are several ways to do this, including through the establishment of guardianships.

Why executing a will might not be as hard as you think - II

In our previous post, we discussed the surprising reality that 64 percent of people in the U.S. are without a will and some of the reasons behind this phenomenon, including concerns about time and money, fear of addressing mortality and worries about the level of difficulty involved with the process.

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