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December 2016 Archives

Understanding types of trusts

Texas residents who are looking forward to reviewing their estate plans at the start of the year are not alone. A fresh new year is an ideal time to take an updated look at major plans and decisions about one's financial future and estate should well be part of that. When looking at an estate plan, it is important to understand the various tools and vehicles available. When it comes to trusts, there are multiple types from which to choose, each with its own set of potential benefits and specific uses.

What estate plan questions should I answer when I get remarried?

If you are one of the many Texas residents who is looking to get remarried after a prior marriage, you will want to take the time to ensure your future plans are in good order. These future plans should include much more than simply where you and your new spouse and family will live or what days each of your children will be with you. These plans should include a solid estate plan with an eye on protecting not just your assets but your children after you die.

Estate planning tips for millennials

Some Texas residents may still believe that estate planning is only necessary for people over 50 or 60 years old or perhaps for people who are considered wealthy. However, that is far from the truth. The reality is that anyone can benefit from an estate plan and that includes millennials.

Data shows drop in divorces

Texas residents who may be faced with the prospect of getting divorced may often feel alone, especially if mosf of their friends and peers are married. However, it is important to remember that many others have gone through divorces even if they have since remarried and it is not an unusual experience anymore. This is true even despite some recent statistics which seem to indicate that the divorce rate in America may be falling.

Should I consider collaborative divorce?

When people think about getting divorced, they often imagine going through a drawn-out legal battle that increases their costs and stress levels. The prospect of divorce can especially be intimidating for those with a large number of assets or high-value assets in Texas. However, a new trend in the area of family law that is designed to make the divorce process more amicable is the collaborative divorce.

What pitfalls should I watch for in a divorce?

When faced with the potential of ending your marriage and all that goes along with that, it is no wonder that you could be prone to making decisions that are not ultimately in your best interest. Many other Texas residents have been in your shoes before and from them you could learn some of the common divorce pitfalls to avoid.

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