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January 2017 Archives

How can I parent with my ex?

Are you a parent who has recently gotten divorced in Texas and who has minor children? Is your former spouse to be involved in your kids' lives? If so, you will need to find ways to co-parent with your children's other parent. Clearly this can be a challenge since you were not able to stay married so that does indicate that some issues are present. However, it is possible to create a positive co-parenting relationship in spite of all of this.

Understanding QDROs

Texas residents who are getting divorced and have retirement accounts should pay special attention to these assets during their property division settlement agreements. Even though these accounts are held in one spouse's name only, they may be subject to division as part of the joint marital estate. This may expose one or both parties to the risk of paying taxes or penalties if the division is not properly handled.

Limitations of adult guardianships

Are you one of the many Texas residents with a relative who may be experiencing memory or other issues? Whether dementia, Alzheimer's or other conditions, these situations logically raise concerns about your loved one's ability to properly take care of his or her financial needs. You may be interested in options that allow you to do this.

Potential pitfalls when pursuing divorce

For many Texas residents, the fact that the holiday season is over is quite a relief. For people whose marriages are on the rocks, putting on a show for friends and relatives that make everything seem happy and wonderful when it is anything but can be exhausting. While the focus for a while can be on getting through the holidays without upsetting the apple cart for others, January often becomes the time when people decide to pursue divorce.

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