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April 2017 Archives

Marriage and divorce trends in Texas

It can be hard to tell from just looking around or even listening to headlines what people in America and in Texas really think about marriage and divorce anymore. It is also difficult at times to know how popular getting married really is and how big of a problem divorce is for society today. If you have been wondering what the trends in how many people are getting married or staying married, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give a clue.

What is a supported decision maker?

Do you know of an elderly person in Texas who may be in need of some assistance but for whom a full guardianship might be overkill? It is logical to consider alternatives to a professional guardianship given the restrictive nature of this approach. While a guardianship can serve a valuable purpose, it is not right for every person or situation. Some people may well benefit from a relatively new alternative known as supported decision making.

Lawmaker seeks to change divorce laws

Texas residents who get married rarely do so with the thought of getting divorced in mind. However, the reality is that many marriages are not made in heaven for a lifetime and for some people, parting ways is the best thing to do. For many people who get divorced, there is no one event or cause that leads a couple to make this decision. Instead, an incompatibility or differences in goals may be reasons. These divorces are often referred to as no-fault divorces.

What is a generation-skipping trust?

If you are taking a fresh look at your estate plan in Texas, you know that even the best plan can stand to use a facelift now and then. Life changes not just on your end but on your relatives' ends can make this so. Perhaps you have grandchildren now that you didn't have when you established your current plan. Maybe one of your children has gotten married or even divorced and then remarried. These are just some of the situations that may make you want to take a new look at things.

Does collaboration offer a better way to divorce?

Texas couples know that divorce can be a difficult process, and many of them want to avoid any unnecessary stress and expenses during an already complicated time. For this reason, couples may search for alternatives to traditional divorce litigation and having a court decide the outcome of their divorce. One option is a collaborative divorce.

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