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September 2017 Archives

Managing conservatorships in Texas

Despite the vision that many people hold of the ideal nuclear family, the fact remains that many children in Texas are not able to be raised by their parents. The reasons for this run the gamut and include everything from parental deaths to criminal sentences that send parents to jail or prison. In some situations, parents may experience physical or mental health problems that prevent them from being able to appropriately raise their children.

Upfront conversations may help estate planning

If you are like many people in Texas, the thought of discussing the contents of your will or trust with your beneficiaries may not be something you want to do. This can be especially tricky if you believe that one or more of your heirs may feel slighted in some way by your wishes. However, before you give in to the temptation to remain silent while you are still alive and let everything be handled after your death, think again.

What is a social media prenup?

Like most people in Texas, you have probably heard about prenuptial agreements before but have you heard about one of the newest trends in the world of marital contracts referred to as the social media prenup? As the name implies it is a special type of prenuptial agreement focuses on the role of social media in a marriage or divorce. It may even be a provision of a larger prenup that includes other topics as well.

Divorce and bankruptcy at the same time

It is no secret to most people in Texas that financial hardship can place a serious strain on a marriage. Love, communication and companionship may be important parts of a relationship but the fact that marriage is very much a financial union as well as an emotional one cannot be avoided, especially when financial problems arise.

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